2006–2007 Lecture Series

October 27th: Lecture by Marcello Canuto
The Classic Kingdoms of the Maya: New Discoveries, Novel Ideas

November 16th: Lecture by Christopher Lightfoot
The Latest Finds from Byzantine Amorium: A Preliminary Report on the 2006 Excavation Season

January 22nd: Lecture by Nan Rothschild
The Archaeology of Neighborhoods and Communities in NYC

January 31st: Lecture by Adolfo Roitman
Qumran and The Dead Sea Scrolls

February 20th: Lecture by Rowan Flad
The origins of Sanxingdui – An Early Complex Society in Sichuan

March 8th: Lecture by Joan Connelly
Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece

March 27th: Lecture by Robert R. Stieglitz
The Philistines: Peleshet to Palestine

April 16th: Lecture by Paul Zimansky
End of an Empire: Archaeology and the Collapse of Urartu