2021–2022 Lecture Series

September 22: Lecture by Donald C. Haggis
The Archaeology of Urbanization: Social Practices and Cultural Production at the Archaic Site of Azoria in Eastern Crete

October 17: Lecture by Philipp W. Stockhammer
Family, Food and Health in the Bronze Age Aegean: Novel Bioarchaeological Insights into Mycenaean and Minoan Societies

November 8: Lecture by Andrew Finegold
Vitality Materialized: On the Piercing and Adornment of the Body in Mesoamerica

February 8: Lecture by J. David Schloen
Phoenicians, East and West: Revealing a Lost Mediterranean Civilization through Archaeological Research from the Levant to Spain

March 10: Lecture by Michael Dietler
Humans and Alcohol: The Archaeology of a Deeply Entangled Relationship

April 23: Lecture by Renee Friedman
From Predynastic Reality to Dynastic Imagery: The Language of Animals at Hierakopolis, Egypt