2002–2003 Lecture Series

September 17th: Lecture by Oliver Gilkes
Butrint from Mussolini to Marx: the Archaeology of an Ancient Epirot City

October 7th: Lecture by Ellen Sparry
Mexico’s Earliest Ballcourt: The Roots of the Ballgame in Mesoamerica

November 5th: Lecture by John Stubbs
Saving Angkor: A Race Against Time

December 14th and 15th: Lecture by Sanjyot Mehendale
Lost Art of Afghanistan: The Begram Ivory and Bone Carvings

January 18th and 19th: Lecture by Paolo Liverani
Polychromy of the Prima Porta Augustus

February 27th: Lecture by Louis Blumengarten
The Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project

March 10th: Lecture by David Stronach
Cyrus, Darius, and Alexander: Some New Perspectives on Achaemenid Art, Architecture, and History

April 7th: Lecture by Ogden Goelet
Nudity in Egyptian Art

May 3rd and 4th: Lecture by Amit Re’em
New Discoveries near the Citadel of David: Buildings, Palaces and Fortifications