2019–2020 Lecture Series

September 9: Lecture by Laetitia La Follette
Archaeological Adventures: From Athens to Rome to Copenhagen

September 24: Lecture by Antonis Kotsonas
Crete, the Aegean, and the Near East in the Early 1st Millennium BCE

October 16: Lecture by Gordon Noble
The Picts – New Discoveries of the ‘Lost People of Europe’

November 13: Lecture by Amy Gansell
The Beauty and Power of Ancient Assyrian Queens at Nimrud (Iraq)

January 16: Lecture by Gretchen Meyers
Seeing is Believing: Communal Religion at the Sanctuary of Poggio Colla (Ancient Etruscans)

February 20: Lecture by Bernadette Cap
Ancient Maya Marketplaces: Hubs of Interaction and Integration

CANCELED – March 24: Lecture by John North Hopkins
Decapitated: Reassembling the Biographies of Ancient Mediterranean Objects

CANCELED – April 21: Lecture by Lisa Trever
Majesty, Myth, and Monsters in Moche Art of Ancient Peru