2011–2012 Lecture Series

September 26th: Lecture by Randall White
Abri Castanet (Dordogne) France: archaeological evidence for the origins of art in Europe

October 10th: Lecture by Anthony Aveni
Maya Apocalypse Soon?

October 16th: Lecture by Nan Rothschild and Diana Wall
Seneca Village, Central Park’s Lost African-American Community

November 15th: Lecture by Monica Smith
Beautiful Bangladesh

January 26th: Lecture by Richard Talbert
The Magnificent Peutinger Map: Roman Cartography at its Most Creative

February 21st: Lecture by David Hurst Thomas
Popular Imagery and Reactions to Spanish Missionization from San Augustine to San Francisco

March 21st: Lecture by Kim Bowes
The House of Discord: Public and Private Churches in the Age of Constantine

April 11th: Lecture by Christina Conlee
Sacred Spaces and Human Sacrifice: The Nasca Lines in their Cultural and Religious Context

May 8th: Lecture by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis
New York City’s Triumphal Arches