2005–2006 Lecture Series

September 14th: Lecture by Christopher Ratte
Recent Excavations at Aphrodisias

October 6th: Lecture by James Brady
Naj Tunich: The Discovery of the First Temple of the World

November 1st: Lecture by John Camp
The Athenian Agora and the Origins of Democracy

December 17th and 18th: Lecture by Bonnie Effros
Displaying Art of the “Dark Ages”: Merovingian Artifacts in North American Collections

February 24th: Lecture by Mark Leone

March (dates TBA): Lecture by Ann Macy Roth
Excavations at Giza, Egypt

April 11th: Lecture by David Mattingly
Town and Country in Roman Libya

May (dates TBA): Lecture by Margaret Conkey
Paleolithic Art