October 17: Lecture by Mark Lehner

The People Who Built The Pyramids – How We Know

For the past thirty years, Dr. Mark Lehner has directed the Ancient Egypt Research Associates, Inc.’s (AERA) excavations at the Giza Pyramids Plateau. This project has revealed the settlements and everyday life of the people who built the pyramids, including their workshops, bakeries, barracks, and the houses of those who administered the pyramid projects. Dr. Lehner’s talk will elaborate on recent discoveries, including the reconstruction of buried waterways and harbor basins that match information from the Wadi el-Jarf Papyri and Journal of Merer, the leader of a team who delivered stone for Khufu’s Great Pyramid. Come learn about the royal port and palace city sprawled below the Giza Pyramids and what we now know about the people who built the pyramids.

(Co-sponsored with the Archaeological Institute of America, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Department of Egyptian Art of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Research Center in Egypt, and ARCE’s New York Chapter)

October 17 at 1:00 pm
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This lecture is in celebration of International Archaeology Day
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