2012–2013 Lecture Series

September 13th: Lecture by Brian Rose
Recent Fieldwork at Gordion, Royal City of Midas

October 2nd: Lecture by Rachel Kousser
The Use and Abuse of Images in Classical Culture

October 20th: National Archaeology Day – Grad/Post-Grad Student Public Symposium
The Next Generation Speaks Up

November 29th: Lecture by Kim Shelton
Nemea and the Pan-Hellenic Sanctuary of Zeus

January 30th: Lecture by Yelena Rakic
Matching a Cylinder Seal with its Ancient Impression

February 21st: Lecture by Bettina Arnold
Lake Dwelling Fever: 150 Years of Exploring Neolithic and Bronze Age Switzerland

March 6th: Lecture by Vincent Pigott
Recent Developments in Eurasian Bronze Metallurgy with Special Reference to Prehistoric Thailand

April 25th: Lecture by James Brady
Quen Santo, Huehuetenango, Guatemala: Using 19th Century Scholarship on a 21st Century Archaeology Project

April 30th: Lecture by Norman Yoffee
Early cities and the evolution of history

May 2nd: Lecture by Severin Fowles
An Archaeology of Comanche Imperialism in Colonial New Mexico