November 16: Lecture by Margarita Gleba

Ways of Making Textiles in Early Italy: Archaeology of Lost Economies

Please join the AIA-New York Society and Columbia University on Thursday, November 16 at 6 PM via Zoom for a talk by Margarita Gleba (Università di Padova). This talk is the keynote lecture of Columbia University’s Larissa Bonfonte workshop, which focuses on ways of making in early Italy. In recent years, the peoples, practices, and processes related to making and creative action in early Italy have taken a more central position in scholarship. Multiple books and collected works on artisanal practice and on the mobilities and lifeways of those involved in craftwork have traced the subtleties of the many worlds of makers and their ways of making. This has included multiple aspects of the material contributions of, for example, decoration, fabrication, construction, sourcing, and many kinds of craft output, from weaving to metalworking and from building to fine carving.  This workshop brings together scholars working across materials and scales of making to think about these issues.

Further information on this two-day workshop can be viewed HERE.

November 16 at 6:00 pm
☞ In-Person (registration not required): Columbia University, Schermerhorn Hall, Room 807
Webinar: (registration required: click here)