2012–2013 Lecture Series

September 13th: Lecture by Brian Rose
Recent Fieldwork at Gordion, Royal City of Midas

October 2nd: Lecture by Rachel Kousser
The Use and Abuse of Images in Classical Culture

October 20th: National Archaeology Day – Grad/Post-Grad Student Public Symposium
The Next Generation Speaks Up

November 29th: Lecture by Kim Shelton
Nemea and the Pan-Hellenic Sanctuary of Zeus

January 30th: Lecture by Yelena Rakic
Matching a Cylinder Seal with its Ancient Impression

February 21st: Lecture by Bettina Arnold
Lake Dwelling Fever: 150 Years of Exploring Neolithic and Bronze Age Switzerland

March 6th: Lecture by Vincent Pigott
Recent Developments in Eurasian Bronze Metallurgy with Special Reference to Prehistoric Thailand

April 25th: Lecture by James Brady
Quen Santo, Huehuetenango, Guatemala: Using 19th Century Scholarship on a 21st Century Archaeology Project

April 30th: Lecture by Norman Yoffee
Early cities and the evolution of history

May 2nd: Lecture by Severin Fowles
An Archaeology of Comanche Imperialism in Colonial New Mexico

2011–2012 Lecture Series

September 26th: Lecture by Randall White
Abri Castanet (Dordogne) France: archaeological evidence for the origins of art in Europe

October 10th: Lecture by Anthony Aveni
Maya Apocalypse Soon?

October 16th: Lecture by Nan Rothschild and Diana Wall
Seneca Village, Central Park’s Lost African-American Community

November 15th: Lecture by Monica Smith
Beautiful Bangladesh

January 26th: Lecture by Richard Talbert
The Magnificent Peutinger Map: Roman Cartography at its Most Creative

February 21st: Lecture by David Hurst Thomas
Popular Imagery and Reactions to Spanish Missionization from San Augustine to San Francisco

March 21st: Lecture by Kim Bowes
The House of Discord: Public and Private Churches in the Age of Constantine

April 11th: Lecture by Christina Conlee
Sacred Spaces and Human Sacrifice: The Nasca Lines in their Cultural and Religious Context

May 8th: Lecture by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis
New York City’s Triumphal Arches

2010–2011 Lecture Series

September 30th: Lecture by Roger Bagnall
Amheida: Excavating a City in the Dakhla Oasis of Egypt

October 21st: Lecture by Andrew M. Smith II
Bir Madhkur, Petra, and the Incense Trade through Arabia

November 3rd: Lecture by Antonia Lant
Conversations on Cleopatra (1963 Film)

January 24th: Lecture by Lori Khatchadourian
Social Logics Under Empire: Southern Caucasia and the Topography of Persian Power, ca. 600–300 BC

February 2nd: Lecture by James Delgado
Kamikaze: Discovering Kublai Khan’s Lost Fleet

March 10th: Lecture by Christine Hastorf
The Archaeology of Beer

April 11th: Lecture by Joe Schulderein
Beneath these mean Streets: Reconstructions of Buried Landscapes in the Vicinity of the Five Points Area in Lower Manhattan

May 7th: Lecture by Ellen Morris
Priestesses, Paddle dolls, and Performance in Ancient Egypt

2009–2010 Lecture Series

January 28th: Lecture by Payson Sheets
The Unintended Consequences of a Religious Conversion in Ancient Costa Rica

February 17th: Lecture by Edward Bleiberg
Living Forever in Ancient Egypt

March 25th: Lecture by John Hale
The Delphic Oracle: Modern Science Examines an Ancient Mystery

April 17th: Lecture by Diana Wall
Africans in New Amsterdam

May 5th: Lecture by Susan Alcock
What to do with a Wonder of he world: The puzzle of Petra (Jordan)

2008–2009 Lecture Series

September 25: Lecture by Richard Hodges
The Unesco World Heritage Site of Butrint

October 16th: Lecture by John Pollini
Classical Destruction and Desecration of Images of Classical Archaeology

November 13th: Lecture by Brendan Foley
Shipwrecks in the Deep Mediterranean

December (date TBA): Lecture by Jenna Coplin
Constructing Pasts: Community Voices and Early New York at Joseph Lloyd Manor

January 29th: Lecture by Feng Li
When the Bronze-Age State Acts: Archaeological Discovery of Documentary Administrative Inscriptions in the Wei River Valley

February 5th: Lecture by Mike Parker Pearson
The Stonehenge Riverside Project

March 11th: Lecture by Rosemary Joyce
The Archaeology of Chocolate

April 16th: Lecture by Lanny Bell
The Reunion of Body and Soul: Sexuality and Resurrection in the Netherworld

May 16th: Lecture by Kathryn Bard
Harbor of the Pharaohs to the Land of Punt: Excavations at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis, Egypt 2001–2009

2007–2008 Lecture Series

October 15th: Lecture by Joan Oates
Recent Excavations at Tel Brak, Syria

October 23rd: Lecture by Heather McKillop
Canoe Travel and Sea Trade of the Ancient Maya

November 28th: Lecture by Randall White
The Abri du Poisson Affair

January 28th: Lecture by Martin Beckmann
Postcards from the Past: Roman Buildings on Coins

February 14th: Lecture by Larissa Bonfante
Love and Gender in Ancient Eturia

April 3rd: Lecture by Beryl Barr-Sharrar
New Perspectives on the Derveni Krater and Its Ancient Macedonian Context

April 8th: Lecture by John Darnell
The Illustrated Desert: the Origins of Writing in the Egyptian Desert

May 7th: Lecture by C. Brian Rose
Talking to the Troops about the Archaeology of Iraq and Afghanistan

2006–2007 Lecture Series

October 27th: Lecture by Marcello Canuto
The Classic Kingdoms of the Maya: New Discoveries, Novel Ideas

November 16th: Lecture by Christopher Lightfoot
The Latest Finds from Byzantine Amorium: A Preliminary Report on the 2006 Excavation Season

January 22nd: Lecture by Nan Rothschild
The Archaeology of Neighborhoods and Communities in NYC

January 31st: Lecture by Adolfo Roitman
Qumran and The Dead Sea Scrolls

February 20th: Lecture by Rowan Flad
The origins of Sanxingdui – An Early Complex Society in Sichuan

March 8th: Lecture by Joan Connelly
Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece

March 27th: Lecture by Robert R. Stieglitz
The Philistines: Peleshet to Palestine

April 16th: Lecture by Paul Zimansky
End of an Empire: Archaeology and the Collapse of Urartu

2005–2006 Lecture Series

September 14th: Lecture by Christopher Ratte
Recent Excavations at Aphrodisias

October 6th: Lecture by James Brady
Naj Tunich: The Discovery of the First Temple of the World

November 1st: Lecture by John Camp
The Athenian Agora and the Origins of Democracy

December 17th and 18th: Lecture by Bonnie Effros
Displaying Art of the “Dark Ages”: Merovingian Artifacts in North American Collections

February 24th: Lecture by Mark Leone

March (dates TBA): Lecture by Ann Macy Roth
Excavations at Giza, Egypt

April 11th: Lecture by David Mattingly
Town and Country in Roman Libya

May (dates TBA): Lecture by Margaret Conkey
Paleolithic Art

2004–2005 Lecture Series

October 14th: Lecture by Patricia McAnany
Ancient Maya Chocolate Farmers in the Sibun Valley, Belize

November 1st: Lecture by William Murray
The Search for the Battle of Actium

December 11th and 12th: Lecture by Susanne Ebbinghaus
Exotic Gifts for a Greek Goddess

January 22nd and 23rd: Lecture by Stephen P. Harvey
Royal Women at Abydos: New Evidence for the Origins of Dynasty 18

February 1st: Lecture by Lisa Fentress
Excavations at Volubilis and the Islamization of the Berbers

March (date TBA): Lecture by Joan Geismar
Is it Trash or is it Treasure?

Three-Part Series: Jews in the Greek and Roman Worlds
March 31st: Lecture by Eric Meyers
April 7th: Lecture by Doug Edwards
April 14th: Lecture by Jodi Magness

May 14th and 15th: Lecture by Jeffrey Quilter
Life, Death, and Sacrifice at El Brujo: 4000 Years of Prehistory on Peru’s North Coast

2003–2004 Lecture Series

September 15th: Lecture by John Darnell
The Ancient Egyptian Limes: Fortresses, Roads, and Patrols in the Western Desert

October 15th: Lecture by Matthew Bogdanos
Live from Iraq: Investigating the Looting of the Baghdad Museum

October 20th: Lecture by William A. Saturno
Painting in the Details: The San Bartolo Murals and the Maya Preclassic

November 20th: Lecture by Holly Pittman
Human Sacrifice in the Royal Cemetery at Ur

December 6th and 7th: Lecture by Amit Re’em
New Discoveries near the Citadel of David: Buildings, Palaces and Fortifications

January 10th and 11th: Lecture by Lothar von Falkenhausen
The Archaeology of Salt Production in China: Some Notes from the Field

February 11th: Lecture by Kathleen Deagan
Current Work at La Isabela

March 16th: Lecture by James Wright and Mary Dabney
A Looted Tomb from Ancient Nemea, Greece: New Approaches to Recovery and Interpretation

April 12th: Lecture by Jean Clottes
The Most Ancient Cave Art in the World: the Chauvet Caves

May 15th and 16th: Lecture by Jane Fejfer
Roman sculpture from Cyprus