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January 2023 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: A Centennial and a Bicentennial for Egyptology (Antonis Kotsonas)
• Chroma Symposium Announcement
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2022–23 Announced

September 2022 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Transitions (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Necropoli del Vallone di San Lorenzo (Rebecca Tauscher)
• Excavations at Ampas and Reparin (Illyamani Castro)
• Eternal Soldier (Kimberly Brown, Sheila Munaghan, and Brian Rose)

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January 2022 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Imagination – Experience – Science (Jeffrey Lamia)
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2021–22 Announced
• Excavating an Elite Phrygian Tomb at Gordion in Central Turkey (Braden Cordivari)
• Drone Mapping and Modeling on the Lagash Archaeological Project (Paul Zimmerman)

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September 2021 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Natural Disasters, Social Upheaval: Glimpses and Questions from Archaeology (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Tribute to Whitney Keen
• The Lyktos Archaeological Project (Christina Stefanou)
• The Montauk Indian Museum (Celia Bergoffen)

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January 2021 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Pandemic/Plague—New Insights (Jeffrey Lamia)
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2020–21 Announced
• Archaeology in 2020 at the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) (Lindy Crewe)

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September 2020 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Pandemic and the Way Forward (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Shared Founder, Shared Goals: The AIA and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Mark L. Lawall)
• Virtual Archaeology: Teaching in the Time of Pandemic (Joanne Spurza)

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January 2020 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: New Year and New Beginnings (Jeffrey Lamia)
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2019–20 Announced
• AIA-NY Society Scholars’ Research (Kelly McLafferty, Max Meyer, Christina Stefanou, and Dylan G.Winchell)
• ARCE: For New York’s “Ancient” Organizations, Entwined Pasts Become Present (Louise Bertini)

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September 2019 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Frontiers: Lucius Aelius, Scotland and Layers of Time (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Guardamar del Segura, Spain (Heidi James-Fisher)
• Dr. Larissa Bonfante: Etruscans on Morningside Heights (Edward Krowitz and Jeffrey Lamia)
• New AIA-NYS Scholarships

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January 2019 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Understanding & Method: Archaeology and History (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Heritage Matters: Afghanistan (Heidi James-Fisher)
• NYC Archaeological Repository: The Nan A. Rothschild Research Center (Amanda Sutphin)

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September 2018 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER:  Life on the Frontier – Past and Present (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Mapping Magan (Eli Dollarhide)
• Excavations at Coriglia
 and the Necropoli Crocifisso del Tufo,
 Summer 2018 (Tina Bekkali-Poio)
• AIA Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

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