January 2020 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: New Year and New Beginnings (Jeffrey Lamia)
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2019–20 Announced
• AIA-NY Society Scholars’ Research (Kelly McLafferty, Max Meyer, Christina Stefanou, and Dylan G.Winchell)
• ARCE: For New York’s “Ancient” Organizations, Entwined Pasts Become Present (Louise Bertini)

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AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2019–20 Announced

The AIA-NY Society is pleased to announce the awardees of its inaugural new program, the AIA-NY Society Scholars Program. The Program seeks to promote young scholars in their study of archaeology by engaging them in the AIA and the activities of the AIA-New York Society and by supporting their participation in fieldwork projects. Designed specifically for the benefit of college students in New York City, the program will be wholly administered and overseen by the New York Society.

September 2019 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Frontiers: Lucius Aelius, Scotland and Layers of Time (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Guardamar del Segura, Spain (Heidi James-Fisher)
• Dr. Larissa Bonfante: Etruscans on Morningside Heights (Edward Krowitz and Jeffrey Lamia)
• New AIA-NYS Scholarships

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2018–2019 Lecture Series

September 20th: Lecture by C. Brian Rose
Troy and Gordion: The Historiography of Excavation at Two Legendary Sites in Anatolia

October 9th: Lecture by Liliana Leopardi
Collecting Magical Gems in the Early Modern Period

November 5th: Lecture by Virginia Miller
Skeletons, Skulls, and Bones in the Art of Chichén Itzá

January 28: Lecture by Fraser Neiman
Changes in Agriculture at Jefferson’s Home and Its Effect on Slavery: New Archaeological Discoveries

February 27: Lecture by Rita Wright
An Early State Revisited: The Indus Civilization

March 14: Lecture by Maryl B. Gensheimer
Discourses on Empire: Roman Baths Here, There, and Everywhere

April 1: Lecture by Terrence D’Altroy
The Cosmopolitics of Inka Imperial Rule