September 2021 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Natural Disasters, Social Upheaval: Glimpses and Questions from Archaeology (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Tribute to Whitney Keen
• The Lyktos Archaeological Project (Christina Stefanou)
• The Montauk Indian Museum (Celia Bergoffen)

2020-2021 Lecture Series

September 21: Lecture by John North Hopkins
Decapitated: Reassembling the Biographies 
of Ancient Mediterranean Objects

October 17: Lecture by Mark Lehner
The People Who Built The Pyramids – How We Know

November 12: Ira Haupt II Lecture by Steven Ellis
The Social, Economic, and Commercial Networks of Punic-Roman Tharros: New Questions and New Excavations for A Major Port Town in Sardinia

December 7: Lecture by Sheldon Skaggs
Weird Science: How Chemistry and Physics Has Led to Understanding Ancient Peoples

January 26: Lecture by Andrew M. T. Moore
Climate Change and Migrating Farmers: The Spread of Agriculture to Southern Europe

February 23: Lecture by Elizabeth Greene
Exchange in the Age of Lyric Poetry: The 6th-century BCE Shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, Turkey

March 16: Lecture by Megan Cifarelli
Life and Death at the Edge of Great Empires: Cultural Interaction at Hasanlu, Iran

April 7: Lecture by Kenneth Seligson
Burning Rings of Fire: Ancient Maya Resource Conservation Strategies

January 2021 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Pandemic/Plague—New Insights (Jeffrey Lamia)
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2020–21 Announced
• Archaeology in 2020 at the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) (Lindy Crewe)

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