January 2022 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Imagination – Experience – Science (Jeffrey Lamia)
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2021–22 Announced
• Excavating an Elite Phrygian Tomb at Gordion in Central Turkey (Braden Cordivari)
• Drone Mapping and Modeling on the Lagash Archaeological Project (Paul Zimmerman)

AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2021–22 Announced

The AIA-NY Society is pleased to announce the third cohort of awardees of its AIA-NY Society Scholars Program. The Program seeks to promote young scholars in their study of archaeology by engaging them in the AIA and the activities of the AIA-New York Society and by supporting their participation in fieldwork projects. Designed specifically for the benefit of college students in New York City, the program is wholly administered and overseen by the New York Society.

September 2021 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Natural Disasters, Social Upheaval: Glimpses and Questions from Archaeology (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Tribute to Whitney Keen
• The Lyktos Archaeological Project (Christina Stefanou)
• The Montauk Indian Museum (Celia Bergoffen)

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2020-2021 Lecture Series

September 21: Lecture by John North Hopkins
Decapitated: Reassembling the Biographies 
of Ancient Mediterranean Objects

October 17: Lecture by Mark Lehner
The People Who Built The Pyramids – How We Know

November 12: Ira Haupt II Lecture by Steven Ellis
The Social, Economic, and Commercial Networks of Punic-Roman Tharros: New Questions and New Excavations for A Major Port Town in Sardinia

December 7: Lecture by Sheldon Skaggs
Weird Science: How Chemistry and Physics Has Led to Understanding Ancient Peoples

January 26: Lecture by Andrew M. T. Moore
Climate Change and Migrating Farmers: The Spread of Agriculture to Southern Europe

February 23: Lecture by Elizabeth Greene
Exchange in the Age of Lyric Poetry: The 6th-century BCE Shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, Turkey

March 16: Lecture by Megan Cifarelli
Life and Death at the Edge of Great Empires: Cultural Interaction at Hasanlu, Iran

April 7: Lecture by Kenneth Seligson
Burning Rings of Fire: Ancient Maya Resource Conservation Strategies