2022–2023 Lecture Series

September 22: Lecture by Timothy Pugh
Ballcourts at Nixtun-Ch’ich’, Guatemala

November 9: Lecture by Michael Cosmopoulos
Digging the Iliad: The Mycenaean Capital at Iklaina

December 12: Lecture by Alicia Jiménez
The Early Roman Empire in the West: New Excavations at the Roman Camps Near Numantia (Renieblas, Spain, 2nd–1st c. BCE)

January 23: Lecture by Tekla Schmaus
Reconcieving the Nomad: Tropes, Archaeological Reality, and Why It Matters

February 9: Lecture by Laetitia La Follette
Archaeological Adventures in Rome

February 16: Lecture by José Iriarte
The Painted Forest: The Rock Art of the Serrania de la Lindosa, Colombian Amazon

March 21: Lecture by Holly Pittman
Recent Research at the Site of Lagash (Tell al-Hiba) in Southern Iraq

April 27: Lecture by Emilia Oddo
In Case Of Emergency, Break Pots: Use And Function Of Marine Style Pottery In Minoan Crete