2018–2019 Lecture Series

September 20th: Lecture by C. Brian Rose
Troy and Gordion: The Historiography of Excavation at Two Legendary Sites in Anatolia

October 9th: Lecture by Liliana Leopardi
Collecting Magical Gems in the Early Modern Period

November 5th: Lecture by Virginia Miller
Skeletons, Skulls, and Bones in the Art of Chichén Itzá

January 28: Lecture by Fraser Neiman
Changes in Agriculture at Jefferson’s Home and Its Effect on Slavery: New Archaeological Discoveries

February 27: Lecture by Rita Wright
An Early State Revisited: The Indus Civilization

March 14: Lecture by Maryl B. Gensheimer
Discourses on Empire: Roman Baths Here, There, and Everywhere

April 1: Lecture by Terrence D’Altroy
The Cosmopolitics of Inka Imperial Rule