2017–2018 Lecture Series

September 18th: Lecture by Andrew Moore
Archaeology, Climate Change and Human Society, or How the Past Can Help Us Understand the Present

October 3rd: Lecture by Mark Lehner
New Discoveries from the Giza Plateau: The Lost Port City of the Pyramids

October 23rd: Lecture by Jason Ur
Spying on Antiquity: Declassified US Intelligence Satellite Imagery and Near Eastern Archaeology

November 15th: Lecture by Richard Hodges
Travels with an Archaeologist: Finding a Sense of Place

January 26th: Lecture by Francesco de Angelis
Behind the Scenes of the Imperial Court: Columbia’s Excavations at Hadrian’s Villa

February 8th: Lecture by Nathan Arrington
Greeks in the North: The Excavation and Survey of a Trading Port in Aegean Thrace

March 6th: Lecture by John Kantner
A Tale of Two Pilgrimage Centers: Chaco and Nasca

May 7th: Lecture by Laurie Rush
Ancient Pathways Across New York; The Indigenous People of the Eastern Great Lakes