2016–2017 Lecture Series

September 27th: Lecture by Peter Whiteley
Archaeology as Ethnology (and Vice Versa): Puebloan Variations

October 6th: Lecture by Ioannis Mylonopolos
Columbia University’s Excavation Project at the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Onchestos, Boeotia

November 14th: Lecture by Laurie Rush
Saving the Past to Protect the Future; Heritage and Conflict

February 7th: Lecture by Peter B. de Menocal
How human history has been shaped by climate – the link between African climate change and human culture

March 20th: Lecture by Richard Buckley
Richard III, The King Under the Car Park: the story of the search for the burial place of England’s last Plantagenet king

April 26th: Lecture by Sarah Clayton
The End of Teotihuacan: Perspectives on Urban Life, Collapse, and Regeneration from beyond the Ancient Metropolis

May 4th: Lecture by Jennifer Udell
Hidden in Plain Sight: Three Attic Vases from the Century Association in New York