2013–2014 Lecture Series

September 24th: Lecture by Alex Bauer
Landscapes and Seascapes of the ancient Black Sea: the first and next 15 years of the Sinop Regional Archaeological Project

October 8th: Lecture by Lorenzo D’Alfonso
The Forgotten Kingdom of Tuwana in Central Anatolia

November 14th: Lecture by Jennifer Campbell
Mughal Caravanserais: Anchoring Landscapes of Identity, Exchange, and Power in Northern South Asia

January 27th: Lecture by Alyssa Loorya
Re-discovering South Street Seaport – New York City’s Relationship with Water

February 3rd: Lecture by Patrick Hunt
Seven Aztec and Inca Plants that Changed the World: Maize, Tomato, Chocolate, Potato, Coca, Quinoa, Cinchona

March 6th: Lecture by Hrvoje Potrebica
Women in the Iron Age – weavers of destiny (central Europe)

April 3rd: Lecture by Zoe Crossland
Preserving Memory from Oblivion: The Archaeology of Death and Burial in Post-medieval Britain

May 22nd: Lecture by Pamela Crabtree
State Formation in Anglo-Saxon England