2010–2011 Lecture Series

September 30th: Lecture by Roger Bagnall
Amheida: Excavating a City in the Dakhla Oasis of Egypt

October 21st: Lecture by Andrew M. Smith II
Bir Madhkur, Petra, and the Incense Trade through Arabia

November 3rd: Lecture by Antonia Lant
Conversations on Cleopatra (1963 Film)

January 24th: Lecture by Lori Khatchadourian
Social Logics Under Empire: Southern Caucasia and the Topography of Persian Power, ca. 600–300 BC

February 2nd: Lecture by James Delgado
Kamikaze: Discovering Kublai Khan’s Lost Fleet

March 10th: Lecture by Christine Hastorf
The Archaeology of Beer

April 11th: Lecture by Joe Schulderein
Beneath these mean Streets: Reconstructions of Buried Landscapes in the Vicinity of the Five Points Area in Lower Manhattan

May 7th: Lecture by Ellen Morris
Priestesses, Paddle dolls, and Performance in Ancient Egypt