2008–2009 Lecture Series

September 25: Lecture by Richard Hodges
The Unesco World Heritage Site of Butrint

October 16th: Lecture by John Pollini
Classical Destruction and Desecration of Images of Classical Archaeology

November 13th: Lecture by Brendan Foley
Shipwrecks in the Deep Mediterranean

December (date TBA): Lecture by Jenna Coplin
Constructing Pasts: Community Voices and Early New York at Joseph Lloyd Manor

January 29th: Lecture by Feng Li
When the Bronze-Age State Acts: Archaeological Discovery of Documentary Administrative Inscriptions in the Wei River Valley

February 5th: Lecture by Mike Parker Pearson
The Stonehenge Riverside Project

March 11th: Lecture by Rosemary Joyce
The Archaeology of Chocolate

April 16th: Lecture by Lanny Bell
The Reunion of Body and Soul: Sexuality and Resurrection in the Netherworld

May 16th: Lecture by Kathryn Bard
Harbor of the Pharaohs to the Land of Punt: Excavations at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis, Egypt 2001–2009