2007–2008 Lecture Series

October 15th: Lecture by Joan Oates
Recent Excavations at Tel Brak, Syria

October 23rd: Lecture by Heather McKillop
Canoe Travel and Sea Trade of the Ancient Maya

November 28th: Lecture by Randall White
The Abri du Poisson Affair

January 28th: Lecture by Martin Beckmann
Postcards from the Past: Roman Buildings on Coins

February 14th: Lecture by Larissa Bonfante
Love and Gender in Ancient Eturia

April 3rd: Lecture by Beryl Barr-Sharrar
New Perspectives on the Derveni Krater and Its Ancient Macedonian Context

April 8th: Lecture by John Darnell
The Illustrated Desert: the Origins of Writing in the Egyptian Desert

May 7th: Lecture by C. Brian Rose
Talking to the Troops about the Archaeology of Iraq and Afghanistan