2004–2005 Lecture Series

October 14th: Lecture by Patricia McAnany
Ancient Maya Chocolate Farmers in the Sibun Valley, Belize

November 1st: Lecture by William Murray
The Search for the Battle of Actium

December 11th and 12th: Lecture by Susanne Ebbinghaus
Exotic Gifts for a Greek Goddess

January 22nd and 23rd: Lecture by Stephen P. Harvey
Royal Women at Abydos: New Evidence for the Origins of Dynasty 18

February 1st: Lecture by Lisa Fentress
Excavations at Volubilis and the Islamization of the Berbers

March (date TBA): Lecture by Joan Geismar
Is it Trash or is it Treasure?

Three-Part Series: Jews in the Greek and Roman Worlds
March 31st: Lecture by Eric Meyers
April 7th: Lecture by Doug Edwards
April 14th: Lecture by Jodi Magness

May 14th and 15th: Lecture by Jeffrey Quilter
Life, Death, and Sacrifice at El Brujo: 4000 Years of Prehistory on Peru’s North Coast