2003–2004 Lecture Series

September 15th: Lecture by John Darnell
The Ancient Egyptian Limes: Fortresses, Roads, and Patrols in the Western Desert

October 15th: Lecture by Matthew Bogdanos
Live from Iraq: Investigating the Looting of the Baghdad Museum

October 20th: Lecture by William A. Saturno
Painting in the Details: The San Bartolo Murals and the Maya Preclassic

November 20th: Lecture by Holly Pittman
Human Sacrifice in the Royal Cemetery at Ur

December 6th and 7th: Lecture by Amit Re’em
New Discoveries near the Citadel of David: Buildings, Palaces and Fortifications

January 10th and 11th: Lecture by Lothar von Falkenhausen
The Archaeology of Salt Production in China: Some Notes from the Field

February 11th: Lecture by Kathleen Deagan
Current Work at La Isabela

March 16th: Lecture by James Wright and Mary Dabney
A Looted Tomb from Ancient Nemea, Greece: New Approaches to Recovery and Interpretation

April 12th: Lecture by Jean Clottes
The Most Ancient Cave Art in the World: the Chauvet Caves

May 15th and 16th: Lecture by Jane Fejfer
Roman sculpture from Cyprus