AIA-NYS Scholars Program/Archaeological Fieldwork Scholarship for Students at New York Colleges and Universities, 2020–21

This is a new outreach initiative intended to promote local young scholars in their study of archaeology, both by encouraging their engagement in activities of the Archaeological Institute of America-New York Society, and by supporting their participation in fieldwork projects. Designed specifically for the benefit of college students in New York City, the program will be wholly administered and overseen by the local AIA society.

AIA-NYS Scholars Program

This program aims to foster participation in the activities of the AIA-New York Society by local college students, with a focus on undergraduates and first-year graduate students who have a serious, ongoing interest in pursuing archaeological studies and field research.

  • Open to matriculated students at an accredited college or university within the five boroughs of New York City (but need not be residents of New York City): sophomore, junior, senior undergraduate students and first-year graduate students are eligible for consideration.
  • Open to students from all academic disciplines, but those majoring in archaeology or related fields are especially encouraged to apply.
Application Process (online only)
  • Faculty members from colleges and universities in the Five Boroughs may nominate up to two students apiece, with a brief letter of recommendation to the New York Society (see link in sidebar).
  • Nominated students will provide a short personal statement (200 words or less) outlining their interests, experience, and academic and career goals; plus an official electronic transcript from their institution’s Registrar’s Office (see link in sidebar).
  • The application deadline is 30 September 2020.The decision of the Scholarship Committee of the NYS will be announced by this year’s NYS Annual meeting on 16 October 2020.
Activities & Benefits

Up to a maximum of six (6) students will be named annually as “AIA-NYS Scholars,” who will:

  • Attend at least two (2) regular meetings of the AIA-New York Society (and will be introduced as this year’s “AIA-NYS Scholars”), and be invited to have dinner with the speaker.
  • Be invited to submit a short, illustrated report of any fieldwork experience they may have had, for publication in the spring issue AIA-NYS Newsletter (paper copies sent to members, then posted on our website). Having had fieldwork experience is not a requirement for consideration.
  • Receive a one-year student membership to the Archaeological Institute of America, with a subscription to the American Journal of Archaeology, if desired.
  • If attending the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, will receive partial financial support; A student registration fee and a ticket for the Opening Night Reception.
  • Be eligible to apply for the annual AIA-NYS Archaeological Field Scholarship.

AIA-NYS Archaeological Fieldwork Scholarship

This scholarship provides one (1) annual grant of $1500, awarded to one of the year’s AIA-NYS Scholars, to help cover expenses for participation in a project of archaeological field work or a field school.

  • Applications accepted from the annual group of AIA-NYS Scholars.
  • Must be for an archaeological field project or field school, with a minimum stay of three weeks. There are no restrictions geographically or by time/cultural period for the proposed fieldwork activity.
Application Process (online only)

Applicants will complete an application form (not yet available) that includes the following:

  • Information about the project or field school; relevant links and websites.
  • A brief essay (300 words or less) summarizing the significance of the project and its relevance to the student’s current program of study, as well as to their academic and future career goals.
  • A budget statement, outlining anticipated expenses for participation in the project, along with other sources of funding, applied for or received.
  • Names and contact information for two academic recommenders: professors or advisors familiar with the student’s work, who can write on their behalf.
  • The application deadline is 15 March 2021. If a scholarship is awarded, the decision of the Scholarship Committee of the NYS will be announced by 20 April 2021 and also at the final Spring 2021 meeting/lecture of the New York Society.
Documentation; Follow-up Reports

The recipient of the annual AIA-NYS Scholarship will be responsible for the following:

  • To provide a letter from the archaeological field project or field school, confirming acceptance into the program.
  • To present a brief (ca. 5–10 minute) report of their fieldwork report at the first Fall 2021 meeting of the New York Society.
  • To submit a short, illustrated report of their fieldwork experience, for publication in the fall issue of the AIA-NYS Newsletter.

For further information:

Please direct any questions about the terms of the Scholars Program and/or the Fieldwork Scholarship to Prof. Joanne Spurza ( or Jeffrey Lamia (