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JANUARY 2018 (current issue)

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER:  Winter – Archaeological Exploration (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Finding North American Artifacts on Social Media (Acacia Berry)
• Contemporary Applications of Radiocarbon Dating in Archaeology (Joseph Schuldenrein)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER:  Discovery! Archaeological Discovery! (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Report from Geneva: The Repatriation of a Roman Sarcophagus
 (Heidi James-Fisher)
• Waldbaum Scholarship Report: Field School at Hadrian’s Villa, Summer 2017
 (Nathan Katkin)
• LiDAR and the Revolution in Archaeological Remote Sensing (Joseph Schuldenrein)
• Something Fishy in Tunisia (Elizabeth Bartman)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Ringing in an Exciting New Year! (Jeffrey Lamia)
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
 (Joseph Schuldenrein)
• New Publication of Note
• Schnaderbeck’s Lager Cellar: A Glimpse into Brooklyn’s Beer-Brewing Past
 (Celia Bergoffen)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: A New Lecture Season, and a Changing of the Guard (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• New Treats for Egyptologists in New York
• Hunter College Bloom Scholars Cohort in Greece
 (Robert Koehl)
• Umm al-Aqarib: Excavations in an Ancient Sumerian City
 (Haider Oraibi Almamori)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Our Lectures Will Take You Around the Globe (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• New York Society Initiates A Field Work Scholarship
• Discovering Homo naledi: A First-Hand Account of an Extraordinary Find
 (Hannah Morris)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: A Busy Year Ahead! (But Busy in a Good Way) (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments (Zainab Bahrani)
• 4,000 Years Under The Volcano: Archaeological Excavation at Stromboli
 (Sara T. Levi, with contributions by Sabina Slade, Vlora Gerguri, Brian Edwards, and Valerie Long)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Chocolate, Changes to the Board, and A Generous Gift (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• A HEARTFELT THANK YOU: The AIA-New York Society Receives $15,000 from Member and Past Treasurer Ira Haupt II
• ISAW’s Excavations at Kınık Höyük (Lorenzo d’Alfonso)
• Examining Community Identity in the Middle Bronze Age (Nancy Highcock)
• The Forts Landscape Reconstruction Project: Central Park’s Revolutionary War Forts (Richard W. Hunter)


FALL 2014

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Babylonians, Pyramid Ports, & Neandertals… Hints of Fall (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• APAHA Tibur 2014: A New Excavation Project at Hadrian’s Villa (Francesco de Angelis and Marco Maiuro)
• Mass Spectacles in Roman Campania: How the Culture of Arenas and Theaters Impacted Daily Life (Joe Sheppard)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: A New Cycle: Wonderful Beginnings and Much Mourned Passings… (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• CUNY’s Sinop Regional Archaeological Project (Alexander A. Bauer)
• Ethnicity in Ancient Alalakh (Kimberly Consroe)


FALL 2013

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Lectures, Galas, Archaeology Day, and an Exciting Year to Come… (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• The Ceramics & Coins of Roman Egypt (Irene Soto)
• Excavations at Amheida (Roger Bagnall)
• Archaeology about Town (Amanda Sutphin)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: A New Year, New Talks, and New Plans Afoot… (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• Barnard’s Field Program in New Mexico (Severin Fowles)
• Penitente Petroglyphs in New Mexico (Darryl Wilkinson)
• Petty’s Run: Colonial Steel, Iron, and Waterpower in Downtown Trenton (Ian Burrow)


FALL 2012

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Come Work with Us and Get Involved! (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• Excavations at Yeronisos (Joan Breton Connelly)
• Black-on-Red Ware: Asking New Questions of Old Pots (Matthew Spigelman)
• A Tale of Organized Looting in Post-Revolution Egypt at El-Hibeh (Carol Redmount)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: We’ve Got Your Feedback and Are Acting on It! (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• Excavations at Selinunte (Clemente Marconi)
• Caracalla’s Baths (Maryl B. Gensheimer)
• Updates on What’s Happening in the Archaeology of New York City (Amanda Sutphin)
• My Experience with the Seneca Village Project (Ashley Anderson)


FALL 2011

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: On the Subject of Surveys, and Not Just the Archaeological Kind… (Paula Kay Lazrus)
• Excavations at Seneca Village (Diana diZerega Wall)
• 1960’s Counterculture: Excavations at New Buffalo (Katherine Heupel)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: A New Year, A New Society President, and All New Archaeological Lectures! (Paula Lazrus)
• Excavations at Aphrodisias (Esen Öǧüş)


FALL 2010

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: The Last Letter from Lucille… (Lucille A. Roussin)
• Regional Survey at Aphrodisias (Christopher Ratté)
• Cleopatra in Cinema, Trade and Exchange, and Cultural Interaction… (J.H. Sibal)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Time to Keep Warm by Journeying (In Spirit) to Archaeological Hotspots! (Lucille A. Roussin)
• NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (Roger S. Bagnall)


FALL 2009

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Interesting and Exciting, As Always! (Lucille A. Roussin)
• The Metropolitan Museum’s Joint Expedition to Malqata at the Palace City of Amenhotep III in Western Thebes, Egypt (Catharine H. Roehrig, Diana Craig Patch, Joel Paulson, and Peter Lacovara)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Archaeology: Profession and Obsession (Lucille A. Roussin)
• Urban archaeology in New York City (Nan A. Rothschild)


FALL 2008

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: The Future of the Past! (Lucille A. Roussin)
• The Anthropology Division of the American Museum of Natural History (Matthew C. Sanger)
• Resources of Interest for Kids, for New Yorkers, and for Central Asianists (Karen S. Rubinson)



THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Advocates for Archaeology! (Lucille Roussin)
• New York University’s Center for Ancient Studies (Matthew S. Santirocco)
• Jeff Lamia Receives An Award from the National AIA (Karen S. Rubinson)


FALL 2007

THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Our Banner Year Continues (Rita Wright)
• Spotlight on: Columbia University’s Center for Archaeology