2022 AIA-NYS Research Scholarship Recipient (Cohort II)

Rebecca Tauscher (Hunter College)

Becca Tauscher graduated from Hunter College and received her B.A. in Classical Studies and Classical Archaeology in the spring of 2021. While at Hunter, she was awarded the Solomon Bluhm Scholarship in classics and the Raab Presidential Research Fellowship. She also was accepted as the 2020–2021 Archaeological Institute of America New York Society Scholar. Her undergraduate thesis focused on Seven Against Thebes iconography in Etruscan material culture during the 5th–2nd century BCE and was written under Professor Joanne Spurza. Becca has worked with the Paideia Institute as a Latin teacher and tutor at ThinkPrep Academy in Manhattan, as well as helped to revive the Latin program at the Williamsburg Charter High School in Brooklyn. This past year she was a Senior Paideia Fellow working in Rome on various Paideia projects and running academic tours for high school and college students in Florence, Naples, Rome, and Greece. Over the summer she attended her first field school with the assistance of the AIA-NYS Research Scholarship. In July she worked at the Necropoli del Vallone di San Lorenzo alongside Italian students from the University of Perugia to excavate four 6th c. BCE tombs of either Etruscan or Umbrian origin. The work focused on four areas that have been surveyed earlier in the season: a collapsed chamber tomb, an exposed child’s burial, a Roman road of a later period, and another tomb that revealed a horse burial. At the end of the month, a fourth burial was discovered of a unexpected type: a cassone-type tomb unique to the necropolis. Rebecca spent her time learning and excavating on site, as well as doing catalog work in the museum of finds from the previous season.

☞ Read about Rebecca’s work in the September 2022 issue of the AIA-New York Society Newsletter.

2021 AIA-NYS Research Scholarship Recipient (Cohort I)

Christina Stefanou (NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)

Since 2019, Christina has been a PhD student at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University (ISAW NYU). In 2018, she received her B.A. in History and Archaeology from the University of Athens. She is presently studying material and textual evidence from the Iron Age Mediterranean, with a focus on the cultural entanglements and socioeconomic relations between Aegean and Levantine societies in the late second and first millennium BCE. Her interests include Greek colonization, the Phoenicians in the Mediterranean, the materiality of writing, and Digital Humanities. Since 2021, Christina has been a member of the Lyktos Archaeological Project, an excavation of the Archaeological Society at Athens. The excavation is co-directed by Dr. Antonis Kotsonas (ISAW NYU) and Dr. Angelos Chaniotis (IAS, Princeton University), in collaboration with Dr. Vasiliki Sythiakaki (Greek Archaeological Service). The project explores the ancient city of Lyktos, located on the island of Crete. During summer of 2021, Christina was involved in the excavation of a building complex dating to the Roman period (the so-called “bouleuterion”), and worked for the project as a GIS specialist. Her responsibilities included topographical documentation, mapping, architectural drawing, photogrammetry, and aerial photography.

☞ Read about Christina’s work on the Lyktos Archaeological Project in the September 2021 issue of the AIA-New York Society Newsletter.

2021–22 AIA-NYS Scholars Program Recipients (Cohort III)

Lylaah L. Bhalerao (NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)

Illyamani Castro (NYU)

Braden Cordivari (NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)

Kristen M. Delatour (City College of New York)

Leticia Lobato-Gaudioso (College of Staten Island)

Kerri Matthews (NYU)

☞ Read about our Scholars and their studies in the January 2022 issue of the AIA-New York Society Newsletter.

2019–20 AIA-NYS Scholars Program Recipients (Cohort I)

Abdul-Alim Farook (CUNY Graduate Center)

Kelly McLafferty (Queens College)

Max Meyer (NYU)

LaShanté (Lala) St. Fleur (CUNY Graduate Center)

Christina Stefanou (NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)

Dylan G. Winchell (NYU)

☞ Read about our Scholars and their studies in the January 2020 issue of the AIA-New York Society Newsletter.

2021–2022 Lecture Series

September 22: Lecture by Donald C. Haggis
The Archaeology of Urbanization: Social Practices and Cultural Production at the Archaic Site of Azoria in Eastern Crete

October 17: Lecture by Philipp W. Stockhammer
Family, Food and Health in the Bronze Age Aegean: Novel Bioarchaeological Insights into Mycenaean and Minoan Societies

November 8: Lecture by Andrew Finegold
Vitality Materialized: On the Piercing and Adornment of the Body in Mesoamerica

February 8: Lecture by J. David Schloen
Phoenicians, East and West: Revealing a Lost Mediterranean Civilization through Archaeological Research from the Levant to Spain

March 10: Lecture by Michael Dietler
Humans and Alcohol: The Archaeology of a Deeply Entangled Relationship

April 23: Lecture by Renee Friedman
From Predynastic Reality to Dynastic Imagery: The Language of Animals at Hierakopolis, Egypt

January 2022 Issue

• THE PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Imagination – Experience – Science (Jeffrey Lamia)
• AIA-NY Society Scholars, 2021–22 Announced
• Excavating an Elite Phrygian Tomb at Gordion in Central Turkey (Braden Cordivari)
• Drone Mapping and Modeling on the Lagash Archaeological Project (Paul Zimmerman)

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